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The Tool Case is built to carry heavier loads and withstand frequent travel. Rib design to absorb shock and provide superior protection. Pull button, spring loaded handle, a heavy duty tongue and groove frame, and a rugged chemical resistant molded rib shell. The tool case is built to stand up to even the most demanding users and environments.

Material: Rotomolded polyethylene LLDPE

Process: disposable rotational molding process

Product Use: Tool Transportation, Storage and Protection

Color: Black

Tool Case Features & Benefits:
• Fully Customizable Interior Foam
• Easy to transport
• Built to last
• Anti extrusion
• Dimensions: Outer size: 51.18W x 19.68L x 8H inches
Inner size: 45.66W x 14.17L x 4.23H
1. Rotational structure of integrated products, high strength, solid and durable.
2. Select food and imported PE materials, environmental protection, not fade, and UV-RESISTANT.
3. Waterproof, Dustproof, Airtight
4. Very stable and stackable
5.Temperatures resistant from -40° up to 80° C
What comes in the box? 6 straps with buckles (for maximum security 2 or more straps are recommended on each side)

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